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As an educator I get the opportunity to get a small glimpse of how our society is shaping up. Children come into the classroom with all types of perspectives. A lot of the perspectives are a result of their environment. Some of those perspectives reflect the home life or lack of. Some reflect the street life and some just reflect the media that the children are exposed to.

Middle School children are just starting out in life. You see how their characters and personalities are shaping up. Many can be molded or adjusted easily others are a lot more resistant to change depending on their circumstance.

I work in an urban district. While there I see many interesting and at times disheartening things. Hopefully my experiences as an educator can shed some light on what we can do to better prepare our children for the future.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Princeton University President Tilghman on Race

Shirley M. Tilghman has been with Princeton University since 1986. She started out as a faculty member in the Life Sciences. On May 5, 2001, Shirley Tilghman was elected Princeton University's 19th President.

Ms. Tilghman has done a lot of wonderful things for the University. Here is a short video on her approach to diversity and inclusion as it relates to the University. She is speaking at the Awards ceremony sponsored by the ABPA (Association of Black Princeton Alumni).

The ceremony was held at the newly refurbished and dedicated Carl A. Fields Center, located on Prospect Street on the University Campus. The building was originally the Elm Club (Eating Club). It is also across from the old "Third World Center."

Shirley Tilghman talks about the significance of the Carl A. Fields Center. She makes reference to the October 2009 conference (Coming Back and Moving Forward) and the need to discuss the students of color and life on campus and the need to engage the alumni of color as well.

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New Jersey Rally of May 22, 2010
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